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Introduction to interactive, web-based (animal health) data visualisation with RStudio Shiny

Dr. Uli Muellner, Epi-interactive,


RStudio Shiny is becoming an increasingly popular tool for web-based, interactive data visualisations. The open source framework provides a flexible way to create and output modern information dashboards while drawing on the statistical power of R in combination with commonly used web technologies. This hands-on workshop will introduce you to RStudio Shiny programming and will cover design approaches, coding basics and how to publish your newly created app.


On conclusion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Build a basic interactive dashboard with RStudio Shiny
  • Integrate and configure an interactive chart using Plotly
  • Consider different strategies as well as pros and cons of available toolsets to visualise data on the web


  • Basic R programming skills
  • Some programming experience in HTML would be beneficial; however it is not mandatory


Provided (per download link):

  • Workshop notes and instructions
  • Coding examples

Participants to bring:

  • Their own laptop with R and RStudio installed:
    • R version 3.3.0 or later
    • RStudio 1.0.136 or later


3-hour session comprising:

Overview (15 minutes)
Overview of tools and strategies

Design (15 minutes)
Design approaches to create stunning interfaces, incl. RStudio Shiny demos

Exercise (2 hours)
Building an interactive dashboard using RStudio Shiny:

  • Setting up your work environment, incl. introduction to version control
  • Layout: bootstrap grid system
  • User interface components and reactivity
  • Integrate interactive, vector-based graphs
  • Publishing

R and basic HTML programming will be used to create the dashboard. Guidance for dashboard creation, step-by-step instructions and reference material will be provided.

Top tips (30 minutes)
Top 10 tips for working with RStudio Shiny, discussion of results and wrap-up.


Dr. Uli Muellner

Dr. Uli Muellner is an IT professional with a background in adult teaching and computer science, including a PhD in media education. Uli is director at Epi-interactive, a Wellington-based consultancy company ( where he heads the data visualisation and e-Learning portfolio.